James Fraser-Murison

Esports consultant and director of Fraser Esports Ltd, James is a national award-winning Director of Learning and esports teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.

James is a strong educational professional who believes in growth mindset approaches and hard work. James is proud to have helped create the first-ever BTEC in esports, be a speaker at World Education Week, the Festival of Education, BETT, and contributed to the book ‘Esports in Education’ ( published in late 2021). As an Esports Consultant, James has worked internationally with various teams and contacts to bring esports into the business and educational world.

May 2021 saw the opening of the UK’s first-ever sixth form esports arena, based on grants and funding of 240K which he helped raise and personally oversaw the build of.

In 2022, James and the team helped launch the first-ever esports arena in Newcastle United Football Club are part of their community programme, partnered esports arena design and PC provider Yoyotech with UK esports organisation Excel, helped with the launch of the esports D of E programme and the leading college in the first-ever educational collaboration with Fnatic.

In July 2022, James’s esports team that he created and manages, the QM Samurai, became national champions of the British Esports Federation.

In March 2023, as Esports consultant, James helped launch the Tech She Can Esports programme for the UK as part of the British Science Week.