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Lionscreed Esports Academy

James supported our education team at Tech She Can to create a Tech for Gaming and Esports assembly.

This resource will help inspire thousands of children across the UK and globally to consider a future career in this field and in technology more generally.

James’ expert insight and advice was invaluable in helping our team ensure that this resource was factually correct, innovative and helped highlight existing and future opportunities in esports.


Becky Patel – Tech She Can Head of Education

Lionscreed Esports Academy

James’s enthusiasm and expertise make him an invaluable asset to any academic institution.

I have no doubt that he will continue to excel and make a significant impact in his field. It is a pleasure to work alongside James, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any opportunity or collaborative project.


Abdi H. Ahmed – Co-Founder of Lionscreed Esports Academy

Lionscreed Esports Academy

James and I have worked together throughout 2022 and his vision & passion for the development of young people in esports is inspiring to see. The UK is in need of innovative thinkers to drive esports forwards, and with the industry in it’s infancy, opportunities to start a career remain limited.

James takes a hands on approach in connecting young people to key industry stakeholders ensuring that education keeps up with the fast evolving space & knows how to leverage the passion young people have for gaming to develop them as individuals


Vikas Pota – Founder T4 Education

Esports Insider

I’ve had the privelege of working with James in a few different capacities and look forward to doing so more years to come.

He is hard working, straight up and reliable, and brings a fantastic energy to any project he’s involved in.

A lovely guy to hang out with too, what more can you ask for. James is a major asset to UK esports and games, especially in the area of education, and I recommend him fully and wholeheartedly!


Sam Cooke – Director and Co-Founder of Esports Insider

Lionscreed Esports Academy

I knew James when I was working at Overworld and we discussed all things esports. When James offered me the opportunity to join him at QMC it was a no-brainer!

Since then it’s been an absolute pleasure to work for James who is a very supportive manager with a clear vision. I can talk honestly and openly with James as we continue to build the amazing esports facility at QMC.

It’s a joy to be part of a pioneering project within Further Education and working with James is a privilege!


Nik Turner – Education Consultant and Lecturer in esports and media

Esports Insider

Identifying and honing the talent of individuals is crucial to successful economies. Moreover, our economies need individuals who can form effective connections between business and talent using the common language of skills.

James is such an individual who has made an incredible impact on our local economy through his work in the eSports space – engaging with relevant businesses to identify the skills; liaising with us in the EM3 LEP to secure funding to establish the first eSports BTEC course in the South East and then use his education connections to reach out to a hungry pool of young people, eager to feed their appetite for a great course that will help lead them to an exciting career in the lucrative gaming sector.


Dr Jamie Mackay- Skills Strategy Manager, Enterprise M3 LEP

Lionscreed Esports Academy

Yoyotech have been instrumental in the set up of our brand new Esports room. The team and James have supported us through designing, building and installing the PC hardware and furniture for the room as well as sourcing the software to allow us to manage the room safely and efficiently.

They have helped us navigate setting up this room with limited technical knowledge and have ensured we understand the options available to us in a manner that we can use to make informed decisions’.


Andrew Foster- Newcastle United Community Lead

Recently, James has worked alongside me to organise and complete the world’s first ever study examining enhanced cognitive functioning and esports, the results of which we hope to publish soon.

He was fast to respond to my initial outreach and was extremely helpful in coordinating the team required to help complete the work. He’s one of the UK leads for esports and education too and his knowledge is evident for all to see.

Clearly, he is supremely enthusiastic about his subject matter and has the foresight to extend his knowledge base widely. He is well-connected in the esports (academic) world and willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to make things happen. Importantly, he is delightful to work with.


Steve Barker- MS FRCS – Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Inventor

Lionscreed Esports Academy

James is a remarkable innovator, combining vision with the ability to execute. Recently I have seen James plan, create and deliver leading new curriculum aligned to the rapidly growing esports sector helping to position his organisation in the vanguard of developments in that space. James is a naturally positive, resilient and persuasive leader and it’s always engaging, enriching and inspiring to collaborate with him. Anyone seeking advice on how to launch new provision that’s impactful should make connecting with James a priority.


Jamie Smith- Executive Chairman, C-Learning, Director Delling Cloud

Esports Insider

James really gets it, any ecosystem but especially one like Esports in academia requires effective collaboration to grow and thrive, and he has been an absolute inspiration in bringing people and organisations together.

He has also been extremely generous with sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of the sector with great enthusiasm. He really sets the standard for championing Esports in education.”


Sammy Engele- Head of Recruitment and Outreach at Staffordshire University

Lionscreed Esports Academy

James and I were introduced through a mutual contact for my project to support James’ vision of Esports Apprenticeships at Queen Mary’s College.

Straight from the off, James built a friendly and trustworthy rapport with myself and the team, supporting each other with the type of apprentices we would like to see at the college.

From this, recruitment has been excellent and the positions filled. I could see James has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry that you could see students and staff alike respected and admired him.


Jack Hodgkins- Apprentice and Skills Advisor at Hampshire County Council

I’ve recently started working with James on developing and offering apprenticeships in e-sports and can honestly say he is one of the most knowledgeable, innovative and approachable people I’ve met.

James is always thinking of new ideas to create opportunities for individuals and is always open to advise on the digital and gaming sector needs and current trends. He recently launched the largest college e-sports arena in the UK which will provide an exciting range of education and career options for students.

James’ wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none and I couldn’t recommend working with James enough!


Lexy Rees- Apprentice and Skills Advisor at Hampshire County Council

Esports Insider

When establishing ESG Gaming, we needed to find a colleague to write education content for an esports programme for players aged 50 years plus.

James was an obvious choice, as nobody knows this sector more when looking at esports through the lens of education. James was flexible, willing to help and has an examplar eye for detail and delivered an education programme that exceeded our expectations.


Lee Willows – Executive Chair ESG Gaming

Lionscreed Esports Academy

James is a very supportive manager. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable in both film and media & pedagogy and is able to motivate those around him with is energy and drive.

He takes the development of his staff seriously and was a significant help to me as I pursued a career in creative and cultural education.


Nikki Parchment- Education Programmer at BFI