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We’re the first training provider to offer the Esports BTEC as an online model. Our pioneering approach seamlessly blends the advantages of online learning, offering students a flexible and immersive educational journey in the realm of esports.

No exams, no tests – it’s all online and equivalent to 1 A level!


No Tests, no Exams

100% Online Learning

Worth 1 A Level

For educators

International schools, fee-pay schools & home educators

Professional Bodies

Teams, entertainment industry, business & pro sports

Armed Forces

Standard Learning Credits scheme




Esports Btec

The world’s first online esports BTEC to homeschooled students in the UK and international schools

curriculum support

Integrating esports into a curriculum


For future esports or existing teaching staff to deliver esports confidently


Provide the UK’s leading esports arenas and hubs into education and industry


On esports clubs and enrichment activities



For levels 2, 3 & 4 for English qualifications and international schools


Link our partners to our global esports networks for bespoke student experiences

linking esports into education

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Business Opportunities

Esports, the competitive video gaming phenomenon that has captured global attention, has witnessed astounding growth and popularity over the past decade.

Millions of enthusiasts now eagerly watch professional gamers engage in virtual battles. While the industry has occasionally stirred controversy, its rapid expansion has unquestionably opened up numerous opportunities for young people.

Recognising this potential, Fraser Esports aims to bridge the gap between esports and education, empowering 16+ year-olds with invaluable skills and experiences that can significantly influence their future.


James Fraser-Murison, director of Fraser Esports Consultancy, is a national award-winning Director of Learning and esports teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.

As of June 2023, Fraser Esports Consultancy has been specifically selected by Pearson to deliver the Esports BTEC in an online format.

Esports BTEC

We are the first training provider to offer the Esports BTEC as an online model. This innovative approach combines the best of online learning, providing students with a flexible and immersive educational experience on the business of esports.


No Tests, no Exams

100% Online Learning

Worth 1 A Level


Here at Fraser Esports Consultancy, we will help you navigate all things esports from a consultation starting point or a more hands on approach; whether that’s setting up your own business, an educational course such as school, college or beyond, gaming arenas or staff recruitment, we can advise on how to bring the exciting world of esports to your place of work or business.

We also offer support and real-life examples of the benefits of esports within an LGTBQI+ community, young people with SEND and similar learning disabilities and also those studying STEM subjects and specific work experience opportunities.

As leading Esports Consultants, we are lucky to have worked with global parties over the years and our references and contacts are second-to-none. If we can help, we will.